• Rally Point 2
    Rally Point 2
    Rev your engines and rally 'round the race track!
    Played 3995 times
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  • Mud Fire
    Mud Fire
    When racing gets dirty, there is only one thing to do: prepare to get muddy.
    Played 1480 times
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  • Rally Racing
    Rally Racing
    Select your car and track, complete 3 laps, and be the first to finish the race!
    Played 642 times
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  • Turbo Rally
    Turbo Rally
    Get ready to race to the finish line: it really helps if you miss those pesky oil barrels.
    Played 608 times
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  • Super Rally 3D
    Super Rally 3D
    Push the pedal to the metal and go as fast as possible to win this exciting rally
    Played 540 times
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  • Buggy Race
    Buggy Race
    Choose your buggy and drive as fast as you can!
    Played 210 times
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  • Extreme Rally
    Extreme Rally
    Rev up your engines, speed freaks. It's gonna be a close race...
    Played 177 times
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  • 4 Wheel Chase
    4 Wheel Chase
    Mate Kangatoo Jack has escaped, and you need to catch him!
    Played 126 times
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  • Get to the Chopper
    Get to the Chopper
    Your comrades have managed to hold the chopper…but not for much longer. Get there asap!
    Played 125 times
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  • Desert Race
    Desert Race
    Drive around rough desert circuit as fast as you can and see if you can get the fastest time!
    Played 59 times
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  • Rocket Rally
    Rocket Rally
    Take part in the famous Rocket Rally and win all three circuits.
    Played 47 times
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