• Minecraft: Tower Defense 2
    Minecraft: Tower Defense 2
    A griefer has destroyed Steve’s town. Now he must sail across the seas to build a new and tougher ho...
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  • Skincraft
    Create a cool character for Minecraft with this rad app.
    Played 7775 times
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  • Worldcraft
    Imagine a world entirely of your own making...now go build it!
    Played 5057 times
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  • Mine Clone
    Mine Clone
    An array of secrets await you in this puzzling world.
    Played 4509 times
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  • Block Story
    Block Story
    Will you survive the dangers hidden in this mysterious world of blocks?
    Played 3150 times
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  • Zumi Blocks 3D
    Zumi Blocks 3D
    Warning: it takes a lot of bullets to destroy beasts made of blocks.
    Played 2107 times
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  • Zombiecraft
    Hack and slash zombies—prove yourself as a warrior.
    Played 1451 times
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  • Minecraft: Zumbi Blocks 3D
    Minecraft: Zumbi Blocks 3D
    Ha, those blockhead zombies won’t know what’s hit 'em! (But it will probably be your bullets, or you...
    Played 1053 times
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  • Avoider
    How long can you survive against the march of the green-ghoul army?
    Played 672 times
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  • KoGaMa
    Build and play games with friends! Shooting deathmatch? Hovercraft race? Everything is up to you.
    Played 72 times
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