• Paws to Beauty 2
    Paws to Beauty 2
    Paws and take a moment to help these cute pets look their best. (Get it?)
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  • Beckham Celebrity Makeover
    Beckham Celebrity Makeover
    David Beckham is a star on the field, but on the red carpet he needs help matching Victoria’s design...
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  • Red Riding Hood Run
    Red Riding Hood Run
    Red is sprinting to her grandmother’s house but whether or not she makes it is up to you.
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  • Cannons & Soldiers
    Cannons & Soldiers
    Forget throwing birds. If you want to do some serious damage you’ll need a cannon. Ready, aim…FIRE!
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  • Pop Pop Rush
    Pop Pop Rush
    BANG! Who knew popping balloons could be so much fun?
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  • Headless Chicken
    Headless Chicken
    Ever wanted to run around like a headiess chicken? Here's your chance.
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  • The Candy is Mine
    The Candy is Mine
    The big bad wolf is on a hunt for sugar 'n' spice...
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  • Eye Eye
    Eye Eye
    This fiendish puzzle is not for the faint-hearted! How far can you get without falling??
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  • Space Miner
    Space Miner
    Take the controls of an interstellar miner and dig your way to fame and fortune.
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  • Planet Hop
    Planet Hop
    As an interstellar dinosaur, you've gotta hop from planet to planet...or go extinct!
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  • Waste Invaders
    Waste Invaders
    Take control of a supersonic jet and lay waste to an armada of evil aliens.
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  • The Cheapskates
    The Cheapskates
    There's nothing wrong with being a cheapskate: instead, it's a whole lot of fun!
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  • Bike Tyke
    Bike Tyke
    The paperboy has an easy job...except for potholes, obstacles in the street, pedestrians, and cops.
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