Christmas Games

  • Xmas Fever
    Xmas Fever
    Played 609 times

    Christmas fever is in the air as Santa is in the mood of giving! Can you get him to the top in this fun and festive pinball game to fill up the gift bags?

  • Snowball Fast
    Snowball Fast
    Played 603 times

    Practice your snowball throwing skills with this cute game for girls. Take aim at the snowmen and see if you can knock them into the lake. You only have a few snowballs so you’ll need to choose your targets wisely.

  • Devilish Christmas
    Devilish Christmas
    Played 576 times

    There's something devilish going on in the chimney...

  • Timbermen Winter
    Timbermen Winter
    Played 564 times

    The lumbering lumberjack returns with an exciting holiday challenge.

  • Santa snowboarding
    Santa snowboarding
    Played 557 times

    Help Santa collect the Christmas bling!

  • Christmas Cat
    Christmas Cat
    Played 557 times

    This festive feline is on a mission to collect the missing red Christmas balls! Can you help Christmas cat find each one?

  • Christmas Dress Up
    Christmas Dress Up
    Played 539 times

    This fashionable girl is getting into the spirit of the season with a cool outfit. Could you help her design a fresh and fabulous one in this festive Xmas game?

  • Christmas Make Up
    Christmas Make Up
    Played 489 times

    Cram in some Christmas cheer with a fun new festive outfit!

  • Dr. Atom & Quark: Flappy Christmas
    Dr. Atom & Quark: Flappy Christmas
    Played 487 times

    Fly with Quark through the festive merry sky to help him collect Christmas Stars. Watch out for the lights, cakes and other obstacles that can distract our flapping jolly doggy!

  • Sled Ping
    Sled Ping
    Played 487 times

    Dashing through the snow, Santa has a need for speed and wants to mow down Christmas trees left and right!

  • Dove Christmas Surprise
    Dove Christmas Surprise
    Played 411 times

    Dove received a lot of Christmas gifts this year. Help her go through all of the boxes in this game for girls. You can find out what sort of surprises are in store for her. There’s probably tons of cool outfits in them.

  • My New Christmas Town
    My New Christmas Town
    Played 410 times

    If you're dreaming of a white Christmas wonderland, now's your chance to design one!

  • Santa's Gifts
    Santa's Gifts
    Played 391 times

    He's got only one night and a whole lot of territory cover...

  • Snow Tale
    Snow Tale
    Played 380 times

    No time for chillin'!

  • Christmas Dining Room 2
    Christmas Dining Room 2
    Played 369 times

    Your Christmas guests will be here any minute—and all that decorating to do! Can you fix it in time?

  • Christmas Tree Decoration 2
    Christmas Tree Decoration 2
    Played 343 times

    Add Christmas spirit to these snowy trees.

  • Xmas Furious
    Xmas Furious
    Played 343 times

    Santa seems to be in trouble! Balloons invaded the North Pole and the gifts can be lost if Santa does not catch them on time! He pimped his sleigh and can now speed across the sky in no time. Dodge the balloons, duck and dive across the sky to catch as many gifts as possible. Christmas Furious is hours of fast-paced fun!

  • Mommy Washing Toys
    Mommy Washing Toys
    Played 336 times

    Help mommy to wash all the dirty toys and take good care of them afterwards!

  • Snow Line 2
    Snow Line 2
    Played 311 times

    Santa Claus has a terrible cold this year. It’s so bad that he sneezed and tons of presents went flying all across the North Pole! Now it’s up to Mrs. Claus to collect them in this crazy Xmas game. You can help by drawing some lines and slopes that will help her sleigh travel all across the Arctic.

  • Princesses: Christmas Tree Fashion
    Princesses: Christmas Tree Fashion
    Played 303 times

    These two royal sisters are home for the holidays. They want to get the perfect photo in front of their family’s Christmas tree. Help the princesses do their hair and choose the perfect outfits in this dress up game for girls.

  • Sue's Santa Gifts
    Sue's Santa Gifts
    Played 298 times

    Can you help the Santas get the Christmas gifts out on time?

  • Winter Lily
    Winter Lily
    Played 298 times

    Be a creative dressup genius with lovely Lily. try countless winter wonderful outfits, looks, styles and accessories. Do her hair and make Lily's makeover a Christmas miracle!

  • Snow Big Deal
    Snow Big Deal
    Played 295 times

    It's no big deal: just ski downhill so fast that trees are flying past you faster than you can see them.

  • Santa Penguin
    Santa Penguin
    Played 286 times

    This cute little penguin wants to look great for Christmas—can you help her out?

  • Christmas Girl Painting
    Christmas Girl Painting
    Played 278 times

    Create some Christmas cheer by coloring this painting!

  • Christmas Threes
    Christmas Threes
    Played 265 times

    As Santa's intern, it's your job grow some Christmas spirit one tree at a time.

  • My Christmas Tree
    My Christmas Tree
    Played 259 times

    Spice up this winter wonderland with a glorious Christmas tree!

  • Christmas Face Painting
    Christmas Face Painting
    Played 252 times

    These girls are celebrating the season with some gorgeous face paint. Can you create some cool styles for them that are perfect for Christmas in this decoration game?

  • Princess Ugly Sweater Fun
    Princess Ugly Sweater Fun
    Played 243 times

    This princess is visiting the western world for the first time and she’s never celebrated wintertime holidays like Christmas. Her royal friends want to introduce her to some cool traditions like ugly sweater parties. Join them for lots of fun in this festive online game for girls.

  • Santa Mouse Painting
    Santa Mouse Painting
    Played 235 times

    Add Christmas cheer with a dab of color for Santa Mouse!

  • Princess Doll Christmas Decoration
    Princess Doll Christmas Decoration
    Played 233 times

    Christmas time is here again and this young princess is ready to celebrate. Help her choose a cute outfit before she decorates her doll house in this game for girls.

  • Christmas Gifts
    Christmas Gifts
    Played 224 times

    Santa needs help to deliver Christmas gifts! Can you solve each physic puzzle with ropes and rockets to get him through the blue wormhole?

  • Iceberg
    Played 223 times

    Explore the expanses of a strange and frosty land in this challenging physics game. Drop the shapes into the correct spots in the iceberg while you gaze at floating lighthouses and flying squids.

  • Christmas Sugar Cookies
    Christmas Sugar Cookies
    Played 200 times

    'Tis the season to bake cookies, tra la la la la...

  • Christmas Party Hair Makeover
    Christmas Party Hair Makeover
    Played 185 times

    This festive fanatic wants to party it up—in seasonal style!

  • Santa's Jolly Gifts
    Santa's Jolly Gifts
    Played 181 times

    Santa is really busy this year. Help him pack up all of these gifts so he can make his deliveries on time.

It's the most wonderful time of year! OK, it might be mid-July where you are, but in this category of free games, it's always the holiday season. Even if it's hot outside, douse yourself in some virtual snow with Santa and your other yuletide favorites. Or if it's December, get yourself in the mood and shake off any "bah humbug"s by decorating a tree, dressing up in stylish red-and-green combos, baking seasonal cookies, or diving into lots of other Christmassy activities in the more than one hundred games you'll find here. You can take a trip to the North Pole, get cozy at home, or relax in a cabin in the woods. Run a restaurant, hunt down hidden objects, shoot bubbles, or just feed your fish, all with a holiday twist. You'll also find themed games from some of your favorite series, like Sarah's Cooking Class and So Sakura. Christmas can even be creepy, especially if you want to try escaping from the Christmas Room. Feeling a bit more ""bah humbug"" after all? Or sick of people who are? The Xmas Troll Cannon has got you covered. Find the games you like and save them to your favorites. Oh, and be sure to keep coming back here any time of the year to find new ones that are added regularly.