Flash Diamond

Flash Diamond


Precious diamonds are just within reach...but to win this game, you have to replace greed with strategy!

How to play Flash Diamond

Clear items by clicking on groups of 3 or more of the same. If you clear a group of 10-19 items with one click, a diamond will drop into the game. For 20-29, you'll get two diamonds. You can also earn a diamond by clearing 2 consecutive groups of 10 or more. If you clear the whole board (except for diamonds), you'll earn 3 diamonds. Pressing the Spacebar immediately gives you a new row of items (so you don't have to wait). To collect your diamonds, click them. But wait as long as you can, because once you click them, the round is over. The round can also be ended if you run out of time or if items touch the top of the game board. The Color Bomb will remove all tiles of that color. The Black Bomb will destroy all tiles around it when clicked, including color bombs, diamonds, and other bombs. (Be careful with this one!)


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