Cats Empire


Have you got the skills to lead a tribe of mischievous kitties to paradise, where infinite fish await? Cats Empire is the purr-fect mix of strategy and simulation games, where you’ll compete against other cat tribes to take over Whiskertown! Can you create a feisty tribe of furry felines that will take you to the top of the leaderboard?

Raid other tribes to take their fish and charms, then head back home so your kitties can heal and feast on all the fish they stole. Upgrade your furry minions to improve their individual skills, collect and craft items to boost your tribe’s power, and soon you’ll be running the show!


* Create and manage the ultimate tribe of cats

* Lead your tribe into battles

* Develop sneaky strategies and tactics

* Cross-breed your cats to create super cats

* Beat challenging bosses

* Unlock different areas

* Complete quests

* Gain items and unlock features

* Compete against tribes worldwide

* Conquer the global leaderboard

* Play anytime, anywhere (mobile, tablet, web)

Ready to embark on an epic journey to cats’ paradise and claim your place at the top of the leaderboard? Get started right miaow!