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Who are our ambassadors?

Ambassadors are passionate players who like to help other players and support our team to make sure that the site remains friendly, amusing and safe environment. An ambassador is the voice of our community!!!

Here are our ambassadors!

  User Site/Social Game
Site ambassador
Game ambassador
Game ambassador

The Role of our Ambassadors

1. Site Ambassadors: : These ambassadors report issues that occur on the site as a whole. The issues they report include abusive language, inappropriate behavior and errors related to the site.

2. Game Ambassadors: These ambassadors mainly report bugs concerning a specific SOCIAL game. They also report back the community’s ideas or suggestions for improving a specific game. They pay attention to comments and the behavior of players and know how to filter and report the community’s needs.

The Site Ambassador function does not conflict with the Game Ambassador function and vice versa.

Do you think you could make a good ambassador? Click here to send us your application.